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James (1) Frazee, of English parentage, was born about 1775 at Newark, New Jersey. One source of information gives him as being a native of New York. He died June 3, 1851. The tombstone record, at Lost Creek Cemetery, North of Casstown in the vicinity of Troy, Ohio, gives his death as of June 26, 1851. He married one Rachel Knight, of German descent, from Western Pennsylvania. Children known were James, David, and Jonathan. David was married three times.


James (2) Frazee was born in 1805 and died January 31, 1892, at the age of 87 (Casstown Cemetery, South of Casstown, Ohio.) There is some doubt about this man being a son of James (1) Frazee. He probably was because family history indicates that there was a son by the name of James. There is some question as to the name of his wife. It appears she may have been Anna Dye Frazee, born July 30, 1811, and died December 27, 1893. No record of any children.


David (2) Frazee was born (birth date not known) in Miami County, Ohio. He died at Anticoch, Jay County, Indiana, May 10, 1886. His first marriage was to Amanda Ensminger. Of this marriage was born Mary Frazee, Ellen Frazee, Willis Frazee, and Jane Frazee.


Mary (3) Frazee was married to Hosea Coldren and had:


Eiza (4) Coldren        

Amanda (4) Coldren, who married John Stern.    

Flora (4) Coldren, who married Cal Reed.

Colwell (4) Colden. No further information available.


Ellen (3) Frazee was married to a William May.


Willis (3) Frazee was married to a Deliah Miller. His widow later married a minister by the name of Moore. To this marriage was born Nettie Frazee, Thetis Frazee, Charles Frazee, and Lottie Frazee.


Nettie (4) Frazee married C. E. McNary; later her husband married her sister Lottie.

Lottie (4) Frazee married C. E. McNary.

Thetis (4) Frazee married Harry Jack of Jay County, Indiana.

Charles (4) Frazee never married. He was killed in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War.


 Jane (3) Frazee married a Jack Bye; no further information available.



David (2) Frazee's second marriage was to Hannah Lamborn. Of this marriage was born Jessie Frazee, Fremont Frazee, and Deliah Frazee. Some reports his first wife's name as Mary (History of the family does not support his.)


Jessie (3) Frazee married Henry Bridgegrom.

Fremont (3) Frazee never married.

Deliah (3) Frazee never married.  She died in her early life.


David (2) Frazee's third marriage was to Mary Lamborn, a sister of Hannah Lamborn, his second wife. Of this marriage were born:


  Knight (3) Frazee who never married.


  John (3) Frazee who never married.


Jonathan (2) Frazee was born September 9, 1816, near Casstown, Miami County, Ohio. He died in Jay County, Indiana, May 6, 1891, at the age of 74, and was buried at Antioch. He had been a resident of Jay County for 50 years and was highly respected. In August of 1837, he married Susannah Layton. She was born June 1, 1816, in Miami County, Ohio, and died June 26, 1889. She, likewise, was buried at Antioch. She was a daughter of Joseph and Catherine Mann Layton. Jonathan united with the Missionary Baptist Church in 1842, and was an active member until his death in 1891. At the time of his death a card of thanks for sympathy shown the family was signed by "Mollie, probably Mary, David's third wife. Family history indicates that in his later life Jonathan was "afraid of the dark." His grandchildren, particularly the children of his son Isaac, were aware of this and often played tricks on him under cover of darkness, such as creating a clattering noise on the window pane by the use of a notched spool and a piece of string, or by banging an empty tin can against the side of the house. He never would make an investigation to determine the source of the racket or noise, but would refer the matter to "Susie," his wife by saying, "Susie, Susie, what was that?" or "Susie, see what this is!" and Susie, who was of fearless character, would make a complete investigation of the area around the house without success, for by that time the culprit disappeared in the darkness. He was a frugal type of man, at least which was the impression he gave his grandchildren when they came to his home for Sunday dinner. His favorite expression or admonition to them on such occasion as the food was passed was, "Now boy's, do not take to much, you may not like it." His children were: Abner Frazee, Julia Ann Frazee, Eliza Jane Frazee, William Frazee and Isaac Newton Frazee.


  Abner (3) Frazee was born in Portland, Indiana, and never married.


  Julia Ann (3) Frazee was born in Portland, Indiana, and married a James Smith.


Eliza Jane (3) Frazee was born in Portland, Indiana. She married twice. Her first marriage was to Arthur Dunning. One son, Edgar Dunning, was born of this marriage. Her second marriage was to Elisha B. West. Of this marriage were born:


E.H. (4) West who married a Lottie M. LaFollette, on whom no information is available on his marital status.


George (4) West, on whom no information is available on his marital status.


Charles (4) West who married a Skinner.


Hulda (4) West married a David Beckdolt. Last information available indicates they lived at Lima, Ohio. She had one daughter.


Ruth (5) Beckdolt married a man by the last name of Finn. 4 West who last lived at Portland, Indiana.


Clyde (4) West who last lived in Portland, Indian


William (3) Frazee was born in 1818 in Miami County, Ohio, probably near Casstown. He died at Broadhead, Wisconsin, in 1899, at the age of eighty (80) years. He married twice. The name of his first wife is not available. Of this first marriage there were at least three children: Lou, Laura, and William Jr.


His second marriage was to a Mary Merchant, who following her husband’s death moved to and lived at Laurens, Iowa, for several years.


Oliver Sidney (4) Frazee, while residing at Laurens, Iowa, lived on her farm. It was known as 'Aunt Mary Frazee Farm." Of this second marriage two daughters and one son were born:


Nettie (4) Frazee who married William Bartley.

George (4) Frazee on whom further information is not available.

No information available on the name of second daughter.


Isaac Newton (3) Frazee was born January 4, 1839, in Miami County, Ohio. He moved to Jay County, Indiana, in 1847. He died August 29, 1892, and was buried at Antioch. He enlisted in the Union Army in the 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. After being discharged therefrom, he re-enlisted in Company H, Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He was mustered out as Captain in 1865. The 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry was the pet regiment of Gov. Oliver P. Morton of Indiana. Unfortunately there is no full length history of the 19th Indiana. A sketch of the regiment's career is printed in "Indiana at Antietam," pp 107-123.


The 19th Indiana with the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin Regiments was assembled in Fredericksburg in the spring of 1862 and placed under the command of young John Gibbons. This outfit, the 19th Indiana, 2nd, 6th and 7th Wisconsin Regiments became known as the "Black Hat Brigade," which was to become famous throughout the remainder of the Civil War. The men of this outfit were outfitted, beyond regulations, with black felt hats and white gaiters/ hence their nickname, "The Black Hat Brigade." It served with valor in the army of the Potomac under McClellan, Hooker, and Meade, the army often referred to in Civil War history as "Mr. Lincoln 's Army." The Black Hat Brigade fought with distinction in the battles of Gainesville, Warrentown, South Mountain, Antietam, Second Battle of Bull Run, and the Battle of Gettysburg. It was at the battle of South Mountain that the Black Hat Brigade became known as the "Iron Brigade." The accepted story is that McClellan, watching its progress up the gap of South Mountain, had exclaimed in admiration: "That brigade must be made of iron!" Whatever its origin, the name stuck, and the brigade lived up to it valiantly the next summer at Gettysburg. See Gibbons Personal Recollections and also Bruce Catton's Mr. Lincoln's Army edited in 1954 and in whose book the famous Black Hat Brigade and its exploits are frequently referred to. This latter book is an interesting historical work about the Civil War as view through the army of the Potomac, with all of its failures, misfortunes, and lack of leadership on the top level. Other works of Bruce Catton, Glory Road, This Hallowed Ground, and A Stillness at At Domattox, to anyone interested in Civil War drama and the feelings and passions of the battlefield are worth reading.


lsaac's great great grandchild (6 – author of this document) has in their possession a photograph taken of him in his Civil War Captain's uniform. The great great grandchild (6) also has a photo of his second wife, Ruth Ann Cox, taken during her early life, and also a photo of Jonathan Frazee and his wife Susannah, Isaac's father and mother.


Isaac Newton Frazee was married twice. His first marriage was to Adelia Coldren who was a sister of Charles Coldren's father (Hosea Coldren who married Mary Frazee, a daugher of David (2) Frazee by his first marriage.) Of this first marriage to Adelia Coldren, one child, a daughter was born about 1851, named Clara (4) Frazee.


Clara (4) Frazee  married a Sam Bickole and died at an early age (under 30 years of age).


Isaac Newton Frazee's second marriage was to Ruth Ann Cox. Ruth Ann Cox was born August 11, 1846. She died November 23, 1886, at the age of 40 years.


Of his second marriage to Ruth Ann Cox there were born 6 children: Jonathan C.P. Frazee, Rebecca M. Frazee, Ada M. Frazee, Bernie Frazee (also known as James Frazee), William Frazee, Elizabeth Edna Frazee, and Oliver Sidney Frazee, all born in Portland, Indiana.


Jonathan C.P (4) Frazee was born March 24, 1866. He married twice. His first marriage was to Margaret (Maggie) Bolen. His second marriage was to Martha Bolen, a half sister of his first wife. He had several sons and one daughter. For years the family lived at Laurens, Iowa. About 1916, they moved to Arizona and settled around Phoenix, Mesa, Florence, and Chandler, Arizona.


Rebecca M. (4) Frazee was born February 13, 1868. She married twice. Her first marriage was to Frank Bolen, a half brother of Martha Bolen, who was the second wife of Rebecca's brother, Jonathan C. P. Frazee. The children of this marriage were:


James (5) Bolen born December 11, 1890.

Ord (5) Bolen born February 14, 1892.

Bessie (5) Bolen born May 6, 1886.

Atho (5) Bolen who died in infancy.


Her second marriage was to Edward Huffman. The children of this marriage were:


Ruth (5) Huffman born May 19, 1901.

Clarence (5) Huffman born March 31, 1903.

May (5) Huffman born July 19, 1905.

Frances (5) Huffman born February 25, 1910.


Ada M. (4) Frazee was born November 2, 1871. She was married to William Brimm. Two children where produced from this marriage:


Ruth (5) Brimm, who married Edward Honzay of  Olivia, Minnesota.

Byron 5) Brimm.


Bernie (4) Frazee married Cora Sutter. They had three children:


Vemie (5) Frazee

Russell (5) Frazee

Earl (5) Frazee


William (4) Frazee died in illness at the age of 22, never married.


Elizabeth Edna (4) Frazee was married twice. Her first marriage was to Harry Evans and her second marriage was to Joseph Hill. She had one daughter, Ruth (5) Evans by her first marriage.


Oliver Sidney (4) Frazee was born at Portland, Indiana, September 10, 1878. He died March 17, 1955, at Olivia, Minnesota, at the age of 76. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Ruth Fields. Of this marriage two children were born. A son, who died in infancy, and a daughter, Gladys (5) Frazee, born November 6, 1898, and died in 1930 at Bird Island, Minnesota.


Gladys (5) Frazee married Jay Latham. Of this marriage two children were born: a boy, J. D. Latham, and a girl, Ruth Latham.


J.D. (6) Latham served married Marge ??? and they had 1 son and 3 daughters.  J.D. Latham served in the Korea War.  


Stephen (7) Latham lives in North Dakota

Linda (7) Henley lives in Los Altos, California

Cynthia (7) Jenssen lives in Edina, Minnesota

Kimberly (7) Malay lives in Oklahoma.


Ruth (6) Latham’s first marriage was to a Bill Courtney and they had one son, Daniel.

Ruth (6) Latham’s second marriage was to George Meier of San Francisco, California who played for the 49er’s professional football team.  They had one daughter, Jeaninne, who currently lives with her mother outside St. Cloud, Minnesota.


Oliver Sidney (4) Frazee’s second marriage was to Elizabeth Weist, born May 17, 1886, at Leola, South Dakota.   They were married in Frederick, South Dakota in 1904.   Elizabeth died October, 12, 1962.  Of his second marriage five children were born: Russell L. Frazee, Donald Frazee, Hazel Frazee, George 0. Frazee, and Vivian Frazee.   Oliver raised his family on a small farm (20 acres) outside of Olivia Minnesota.  He use mules to farm.


Russell L. (5) Frazee born January 5, 1906, at Fredericks, South Dakota and passed away February 20, 1974 in Bird Island, Minnesota. He was selected to and served as County Attorney of Renville County, Minnesota, for 24 years, the longest term of service as County Attorney than any predecessor. He married Jeanette C. Knudson of Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 5, 1935. Jeanette C. Knudson was born February 22, 1913, in Chicago, Illinois and later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jeanette Frazee passed away June 26, 1964 in Bird Island, Minnesota. To them were born five children:


Terry W. (6) Frazee born April 26, 1939.  He married Kathryn Kay Lawrence, birthdate of February 13, 1945, in Delavan, Minnesota on August 2, 1963. Kathryn's parents are Virgil and Lila (Fenske) Lawrence. Terry graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a B.A. Degree, M. A. Degree from South Dakota State University, and a Specialist Degree from Mankato State University. He was a teacher, Principal, and Superintendent of Schools and is currently retired. Terry and Kathryn make their home on Green Lake, Spicer, Minnesota and Dundee Florida. Of this marriage were two children:


Dawn Claire (7) Frazee was born on April 27, 1965 at Blue Earth, Minnesota. Dawn graduated from Brooten High School, and married Cory Shawn Engen on Jul in Belgrade, Minnesota.   Of this marriage were two children: Amanda Marie (8) Engen born on January 29, 1984 and Martin Shawn (8) Engen born on January 18, 1985. The marriage ended in a divorce on September 21, 1985.

     Amanda Marie (8) Engen married Jesse Toutges (born June 12, 1976) at the Crow River Church in Belgrade, Minnesota.  Too this union are two children, Mason (9) born April 6, 2003 and Kaden (9) born March 21 2007.

    Martin (8) Engen married Kayla Basore (born August 2, 1984) at the Crow River Church in Belgrade, Minnesota.  There are currently two chilldren, Wyatt (9), born February, 15, 2005 and Ana (9), born January 23, 2009.

Dawn Marie (7) Frazee’s second marriage was to David Allen Redepenning (born October 11, 1962) on January 14, 1989. Of this marriage were two children: Alicia Claire (8) Redepenning (born February 12, 1990)  and Allison (8) Redepenning (born December 1, 1992).


Shane Elizabeth (7) Frazee was born on August 9, 1967, in Tracy, Minnesota. Shane graduated from the Brooten High School in 1985 and also from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1989. Shane married Gerald Joseph Illies on December 7, 1991 in Spicer, Minnesota. Shane and Gerald currently make their home in Edgewood, Washington.  A son, Brendan Christopher (8) Illies was born on September 28. 1996 in Kansas City, Missouri.


Robert M. (6) Frazee  was born in Willmar, MN, on 2 May 1941.  He graduated from Bird Island High School in 1959, from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN (B.A, in Political Science 1963), and the University of Minnesota Law School (J.D. 1966).  He is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the Federal District Court for the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota Supreme Court, the United States Court of Military Appeals, and the United States Army Court of Appeals. 
He married Fran Lenth of Minneapolis, MN, (DOB: 20 June 1942) on July 18, 1964.  Fran graduated from West High School, Minneapolis, MN (1960), Hamline University, St. Paul, MN (B.A. 1964), and the University of Minnesota (M.Ed 1986).  
Bob served on active duty in the United States Army from  30 August 1966 to 30 April 1974 and in the United States Army Reserves from 1 May 1974 to 30 January 1995 in the Judge Advocate General's Corps.  He retired as a Colonel with 29 years of total military service.  
In May, 1974, after his discharge from army active duty Bob moved to New Hope, MN, and then later to Plymouth, MN, where he currently lives.  He joined Meagher & Geer, a law firm in Minneapolis, where he became a partner and practiced law until he retired.  (1974 – 2001)  He specialized in medical malpractice defense and the defense of medical devices.  From 1981 to 1986 he was also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota General College teaching a course in "Litigation for the Paraprofessional".They have two children, Phillip (7) Frazee and Suzanne (7) Smith.

    Phillip Jeffrey (7) Frazee was born March 15, 1969 in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.  He graduated from Duke Univesity in 1991 and George Mason University School of Law in 1994.  He married Laura Elizabeth Hadrian (born April 6, 1970 in Newport Beach, California) in Del Mar, California  on September 25, 1999.  Laura and Phillip sailed across the South Pacific on thier own  boat shortly after being married.  They now reside in Carlsbad, California and have three children, Elle Monet (8) Frazee (born August, 6, 2006), Sawyer Tristan (8) Frazee (born April 25, 2009) and Slater Grayson (8) Frazee (born April 22, 2010).  

    Suzanne (7) Smith  was born May 15, 1973, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  She graduated from Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota in 1995.  She married Rob Smith  (born June 14, 1969), of Roseville, MN, on February 15, 1997.   They have one child, Abigail Elizabeth(8) Smith born February 17, 2000.

James R. (6) Frazee born December 9, 1942 in Wilmar, Minnesota. James graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1964 and received and M.S. and PhD from Purdue University.  While at the University James received a scholarship from the National Institue of Health to study in Central America.  Jim is the author of several scientific research papers and is co-founder of a Marketing Research Company in San Francisco.   He was instrumental in the development of one of the Barnes & Noble corporate websites and several other corporate websites.   He is currently retired but continues this academic prowness as an adjunct professor at Keller Graduate School of Management (since 2003) where he teaches classes in Project Management, Marketing Management, Information Management and New Product Development.  Jim is currently writting two books and lives in New York City with his parner of over 35 year, Kirk L. Nicholson.  


Shannon Lee (6) Frazee born August 23 or 25 (the date seems to vary), 1947.  She lived the first eighteen years in Bird Island, Minnesota and then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she entered nursing school. She met and married William Timothy Welch on August 1, 1969 in South Dakota.  Bill's parents were Mary and Raymond Welch.  Bill died on December 4, 2001 of Melanoma. Of their marriage they raised two daughters.  Lisa Marie Welch, born 5-2-1970 and Allison Frazee Welch, born 4-6-1973.


    Lisa Marie (7) Welch was born April 2, 1970 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Lisa married Marc Meyer and they currently have one son, William Meyer, and live in St. Paul Minnesota.


Alison Frazee (7) Welch was born April 6, 1973 in Edina, Minnesota.  She married Mark Lis (born August 10, 1973 in Chicago) on September 30, 2009 in Excelsior, Minnesota.  Alison graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 1995, majoring in Marketing.  Mark Lis graduated from Colorado State in 1995 with a major in finance.  They have one son, Jake (8)  Lis, born in Chicago on September 29, 2008.


Thomas C. (6) Frazee born March 2, 1950.   His first marriage was to Judy Fisher and they had two children, Christopher (7) and Cory (7).   Thomas's second marriage is to Teresa and they have no children.  Tom graduated from Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota in 1972.


Donald (5) Frazee was born February 7, 1907, at Fredericks, South Dakota and passed away August 31, 1988, in Olivia, Minnesota. He married Wilma Hyndman.  Thier first year of marriage was spent living in a tent since they could not afford to build a house.  After a year they built a house on a farm northeast of Olivia, Minnesota. They have one daughter, Betty (6) Frazee.

 Betty (6) Frazee was married to Ken Magnusen and they had two children, Michael (7)  and Jenny (7).  Betty has in her possession the original Civil War discharge of Abner J. Frazee signed by Isaac Newton Frazee, Captain. This discharge is dated June 14, 1865. It discharges one Abner J. Frazee, probably a brother of Issac Newton Frazee who signed the instrument as Captain, Late Headquarters Company C, I 00th Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers. Language in the discharge papers indicate the discharge was issued per telegraphic order at Indianapolis, Indiana, June 14, 1865.  Abner J. Frazee was described as having enlisted for three years, born in Jay County, Indiana, under age of 18, five feet nine inches tall, dark complexion, black eyes, dark hair and occupation as a farmer at the time he enlisted. 

Hazel (5) Frazee was born March 14, 1908, at Fredericks, South Dakota. She married Carl T. Bjerke in St Paul, Minnesota on April 20, 1929.  Carl Bjerrke was born in Liholt, Norwary on July 27, 1906. and died on August 2, 1989.  Hazel passed away 1/26/2003 at the age of 94.  Of this marriage were three children:  Gerald, Ronnie and Judy.

Gerald C. Bjerke (6) born July 12, 1933 in Minneapolis, MN. He married Kay Fort, a former Prima Ballerina, January 21, 1956 in Minneapolis. Jerry graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BSB.  He went into the Air Force, got his pilots wings, flying jet Fighter Aircraft for 12 yrs. He decided to leave the AF and spent the rest of his career as the Commercial Product Support Division Manager of a major Aerospace Company. Jerry and Kay retired Dec. 1996, and currently live in Apple valley, MN. From their marriage they have two children: Gregory W. and Tamara K.

Gregory W. Bjerke (7) was born October 28, 1956 at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ. Greg married Nita Hahn on April 26, 1976 in Eagan, MN. Of this marriage were four children:   Shelley K., Christy L., Gregory W. Jr., Lizabeth.

Shelley K Bjerke Arndt (8) born April 25, 1979 in Minneapolis married Eric Arndt. They live in Minneapolis have two children:  Alex (9) and Cameron (9).

Christy L Bjerke (8) born Feb 25, 1982 in Minneapolis. Christy has one child, Aysia (9), born Sept 30, 2002. Christy not currently married.

Gregory W. Bjerke Jr  (8) born Sept 29, 1983 in Minneapolis, currently lives in Lakeville and is not married.

Lizabeth Bjerke (8) born Jan. 21, 1985 lives in Lakeville, MN and is not married.

Tamara K. Bjerke (7) was born March 25, 1959 at Clark AB, Philippines.  She graduated from the University of Minnesota and currently lives in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Judith Ann Bjerke (6) was born April 11, 1946 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Judy's first marriage was to Michael L. Fricke on April 13, 1964.  The couple had one son, Kenneth Michael Fricke (7),born February 16, 1965 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Kenneth married Catherine Crichton on 12/05/92 of Richfield, Minnesota and they currently live in Bloomington, Minnesota.  The couple have 3 children, a stepson,  Dane Scott Fricke (8) born 10/10/88 in Edina, Minnesota, a son, Tanner Joseph Fricke (8) born 5/12/93 in Edina, Minnesota, and a son, Hunter Cade Fricke (8) born 4/13/00 in Edina, Minnesota.  Judith Bjerke divorced Michael Fricke in 1968.

Judith Ann Bjerke (6) second marriage was to John E. Erlandson, Married August 14, 1970 and divorced in 1977.  To this union was a daughter, Jennifer Beth Erlandson (7), born March 24, 1972 in Granite Falls, Minnesota.  Jennifer (known as Jenn) was married to  Mathew Paul Meyer of Sauk Center, Minnesota on March 30, 2006 in Nisswa, MN.   Jenn and Mathew have three children, a daughter, Isabella Alise Meyer (8) born June 16, 1007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota; a son Ryan Mathew Meyer (8) born December 28, 1999 in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and a daughter, Elisabeth Ann Meyer (8) born May 11, 2002 in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Judith Ann Bjerke (6) third marriage was to Kermit (Kert) E. Severson (born February, 15, 1940) on April 11, 1980.  They currently live in Edina, Minnesota.

Ronald T. Bjerke (6) was born July 14, 1938 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

George 0.(5) Frazee
was born August 12, 1909, at Fredericks, South Dakota. He married to Bertie Mae Minser of Olivia, Minnesota.

Vivian (5) Frazee was born at Glenwood, Minnesota, September 10, (on her father's birthdate) 1918. She married Marlyn Boozier who passed away in May 1993. Their were no children by this marriage. Vivian passed away in December 17, 2008.
























































































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